Nootropic Plus is a product focused on boosting your brain and aimed to improving memory and concentration thanks to the best nootropics. Keep reading if you have further questions:


What are nootropics and how does Nootropic Plus work?

Nootropics are a kind of brain supplement or “smart pills” that have cognitive enhancing effects. They increase natural occurring compounds that are found in the body to improve cognitive function and boost memory.


When should I take Nootropic Plus?

Nootropic Plus was designed for people leading stressful lives who still want to perform to the max and stay focused. Whether it is an exam, work related stress or simply anxiety before an important interview- Nootropic Plus can help you out! You should take one capsule a day, if you need an extra boost you can take 2 pills a day. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 2 capsules per day.


What effects will I feel after taking Nootropic Plus?

Nootropics are substances that are used as supplements to improve cognitive function and boost memory. They are often known as “smart drugs” or “smart pills”. They will start to produce positive effects on your mental performance and some of these benefits will include increased learning capacity and attention span, increased focus and clarity of thought as well as improved memory and speed of recall.


How long will it take before I start noticing the effects and how long do they last?

90% of our users have reported to have started feeling the first benefits and effects of our nootropic pills in as little as after the first ingestion. In most cases the effects last around 6-8 hours.


Is Nootropic Plus a safe product to use? Is it compliant with the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules?

At Nootropic Plus, we strive to enhance long-term memory and cognitive functions. As such, all of the components used in our product are certified GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and/or approved by a FDA as a safe dietary supplement.


What are the side effects?

Nootropic Plus has low up to no side effects at all. However, a very low number (5-10%) of users have experienced headaches and sickness. If you are experiencing any discomfort after/while taking Nootropic Plus you should stop the treatment.


Where is Nootropic Plus manufactured?

Nootropic Plus is a 100% American product. It is manufactured in a facility that uses the most rigorous and diligent processes in the elaboration of our products. Our experts and scientists have developed a formula to boost cognitive functions and achieve the best performance from your brain. We assure quality with the use of Alpha tests that essentially enables us to test the effectiveness of our product on a small sample before scaling.


Where and how can I buy Nootropic Plus?

You can buy Nootropic Plus pills directly on our website with your credit/debit card.


Is my credit card and personal data safe on your website?

All of the information you provide on our website when purchasing a product or at any other point is 100% safe as we use a highly secured SSL system to encrypt all of your data.


Does Nootropic Plus ship internationally?

We ship to the United States, to Europe (EU), to Mexico and Colombia.


How much does shipping cost?

We deliver all our customers' orders for free.


How long will it take until I receive my order?

The shipping of Nootropic Plus usually takes between 3 to 4 business days.


What is your refund policy?

We give refunds once you send us your Nootropic Plus box, which has not been opened, back. Used or opened products are not eligible for a refund


Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time up until the point where your box has already been shipped. To cancel your subscription, you can login to manage your account or send us an email


Is it possible to order Nootropic Plus without subscribing?

Yes, you can order a single pack only as well. However, we recommend a subscription, as Nootropic Plus is most effective when taken on a regular basis.




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